PerSoN Care - YOUR Virtual Village | PerSoN Care - YOUR Virtual Village

Feeling lost or alone?
Not sure where to begin?
Problems don’t fit neatly into one of the other categories?

You are not alone.

You have the support of an entire Virtual Village with PerSoN Care.

What’s in the Virtual Village?

Our easy to use app based holistic approach combines digital tools with counseling plus family and friend support.

Your monthly membership covers:

  • 40 minute one-on-one video session with your counselor*
  • Unlimited messaging your selected counselor*
  • Full access to Your PerSoN Care Village including:
    • Your PerSoN Care Community
    • Your Private Wall
    • Counselor Dashboard
    • PerSoN Care Virtual Library
    • Digital Health Tool Suite

Select from our 2 levels of support:

Health/Lifestyle Coach:

$18 / week


$32 / week

*Monthly counseling session is included in paid accounts. Additional one-on-one video sessions can be added for a discounted fee as needed.

Meet some of our counselors:

Virtual Tools

Health Journal

Your are constantly on your journey, and our journal enables you to document times when you need support, thoughts you may be having or anything else you want to be sure to share with the community and your counselor.

Self-Diagnostic Depression Assessment

Take this quick diagnostic questionnaire and determine your degree of depression. It only takes less than a minute.

Feelings Tracker

Track and share your moods to determine any patterns or influencers. Empower your village and your counselor to add support and insight to your journey.


Browse from a growing curated collection of over 200 videos, articles, research and other resources to help you understand more about your healing journey.

Private Wall

Invite your friends and family to your village so they can join your healing journey in your private, secure space. Communicate anonymously one on one or with your entire village.

Therapist Dashboard

Get feedback and recommendations enabling you both to understand your progress and improve your treatment approach. We adhere to strict HIPPA and GDPR protocols to ensure your personal data is secure and remains private.

Village Voices