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We created PerSoN Care using the latest research to improve your counseling outcomes. Research has shown when you actively participate in your own health journey you will have better results. Select from self help tools and health tracking modules that help you and your counselors to reach your counseling goals faster. Your counselor monitors your activities regularly and helps you to be accountable through the PerSoN Care Virtual system.

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What do you have in PerSoN Care Virtual system?

Real-time online counselling

Get immediate access to your therapist. Message your therapist through your private wall or request a video appointment with your counselor when its best for you.

Private Wall

Invite your friends and family to join your healing journey in this private, secure space. Communicate one on one or with your private community…it is your choice. When you sign with a therapist, he/she will have access to your private wall and the conversation.

PerSoN Care Community

Communicate anonymously with other clients on our online messaging forum. This is always moderated by a licensed counselor. So…feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers from a licensed counselor.


Browse from a growing library of over 200 videos, articles, research, and other resources to help deepen your knowledge and learn more about specific topics.

Therapist dashboard

Your counselor will monitor all your activities and input on a consolidated easy-to-read dashboard to understand your progress and improve their treatment approach. Only you and your counselor (once selected) will have access to your input into the PerSoN Virtual Care platform. We adhere to strict HIPPA and GDPR protocols to ensure your personal data is secure and remains private:

Health Journal

Track and share your moods and see any patterns with the weather.

Pain and Symptom Tracking

For people with chronic illness, track and share your pain levels and symptoms for easy sharing with your physicians.


Track and share your moods and see any patterns with the weather.

Self-Diagnostic Depression Assessment

Take this quick diagnostic questionnaire and determine your degree of depression. It only takes less than a minute.

Weight Tracker

Track your weight and get a view of your last 30-day trend.

Smoking Cessation tool

Select the best way to quit that works best for you. Choose from everything from cold turkey to gradually reducing the amount you smoke each week. Receive daily reminders and motivation messages to keep you on track towards your goal.