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Evidence-Based Approach

Our Virtual System offers you Research-Driven Online Counseling and Intervention Programs. We use four approaches designed to work together to give you the best possible outcome.

Track: “What you measure, you can improve.” We provide you with 6 different Tracking Tools to assist you with your goals.
Consult: Your counselor will develop a personalized therapy program with you, just as if you were seeing them in person.
Collaborate: Your counselor will have access to your Tracking Tools and activities to help support and provide you with continuous real-time feedback.
Empower: You will have daily support through your new virtual community, your counselor and a safe private space to connect with other members.
Online Counseling App
Online Counseling App

Two Ways To Get 1-on-1 Support:

Relationship Psychologists

Work with a Licensed Therapist

Through our platform you will get to choose from a list of vetted licensed therapists based on the best fit for you. And you can change therapists any time you want.

Work with a Certified Health/Lifestyle Coach

Not all challenges require a licensed therapist. With this approach you will get to choose from experienced certified coaches to support you through your anxiety, stress management, depression, smoking addictions, weight loss and much more.

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PerSoN Care Virtual System

At PerSoN Care, we provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to your healing journey. By being an active participant in the PerSoN Care Virtual system, you’re taking a bold step further to reach your goals with your counselor’s help.

Choose from several monthly membership options that give you the support you need while fitting within your budget.

The virtual tools provided for you offer a comprehensive and holistic support system while on your healing journey.

Together with your counselor you will watch your progress in real time as you begin to heal.

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How PerSoN Care Works

Create an account.
Select your engagement type.
Select your counselors.
Download the PerSoN Care app from the Apple store to connect with your counselor.
Use the different features in our app:
- Join the PerSoN Care community.
- Use our health kit tracking tools to monitor your progress.
Easily switch counselors anytime until you find the right fit.
How PerSoN Care Works

Give the gift of counseling to a loved one

How It Works:

Personalized Invitation

Your recipient will receive an email with instructions on how to choose their Counselor/s.

Join the PerSoN Care

Your recipient connects with their counselor in the PerSoN Care Virtual space and can then begin their journey towards feeling happier and healthier.

Switch to Fit

Your recipient can easily switch counselors anytime until they find the right fit.

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